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App Dashboard

Now that you have secured your garment properly to your leg and have paired your e-vive controller to the e-vive app on your mobile device, you are ready to use your e-vive system. Press the begin button to go to your main home screen. This home screen or e-vive app “my dashboard” screen allows you to view your results, perform electrical stimulation for muscle strengthening as well as test your range of motion.


Range of Motion

In addition to electrical stimulation, the e-vive system incorporates range of motion sensing technology. The range of motion test is easy to perform and will allow you and your healthcare provider to track your rehabilitation progress against your goals. Once daily you will be prompted to perform a range of motion test.


Fitting & Securing the Garment

Throughout your rehabilitation after knee surgery, you will apply the garment for your daily muscle activation sessions to comfortably and conveniently strengthen your thigh muscles. To provide a comfortable and effective experience, you should ensure a proper and secure fit of the garment, as described.

Tighten the Garment flaps on the outside of your leg, beginning with the flap just above your knee. Pull flaps tight and firmly attach to the Garment panel. Continue securing the flaps. The Garment should be snug and secure against your leg. Readjust as necessary.

placing electrodes

Placing Electrodes

Confirm proper electrode placement by pulling the blue thigh panel with electrodes around the top of your leg. For more information on proper electrode positioning, please review this brief video.


Starting Muscle Activation Session

With the garment secured and the controller turned on, begin the muscle activation session by pressing the ‘stimulator’ icon on the bottom of the home screen e-vive app. The e-vive app will display the available treatments: NMES POST-OP and STRENGTH. Select the treatment prescribed by your medical professional.


Starting & Completing Treatment

Once you have selected a strong but comfortable intensity for both the knee and thigh areas. Press the ‘START TREATMENT’ button to start your 20 minute treatment session. The e-vive app treatment screen will display the remaining time, as well as allow you to change the intensity levels for with muscle area. At any time, you may press the red ‘Pause’ button at the bottom of the app to interrupt the treatment program. Press the orange ‘play icon triangle’ to resume on the app when ready to restart your treatment session. You may terminate your therapy session at any time by pressing the orange ‘stop X’ icon on the screen. You may also terminate/stop the stimulation treatment at any time by pressing the on/off power button on the e-vive controller.


Charging the Controller

When fully charged, the controller can deliver at least three 20-minute treatments. The percentage of battery remaining for the e-vive controller is displayed on your e-vive app, you will receive an alert when the remaining battery is less than 10% and you may not be able to complete a full treatment until the e-vive controller is re-charged.

The e-vive Controller is designed such that it will not operate when charging.

To charge the controller, attach the supplied universal USB charging cord to a standard wall adapter charger. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the side of the e-vive controller.

Cleaning e-vive

Cleaning the Garment

  • For hygienic reasons, the Garment wrap is intended for use by a single individual.
  • DO NOT hand wash, machine wash, dry clean or sterilize the Garment, as there are electronics integrated into the Garment that can be damaged by improper cleaning.
  • If the Garment requires cleaning, gently wipe the wrap with a damp and soft cloth.

Cleaning the Control Unit

  • Treat the Controller similar to most electronic devices – keep away from liquids and dirt.
  • If the Controller requires cleaning, gently clean the outside surface with a damp and soft cloth.

Electrode Maintenance

With proper care, the electrodes should last for about 20 therapy sessions before they should be replaced. The electrodes are reusable as long as they are clean, retain their sticky or tacky texture, and are without any visible sign of damage. To maximize their life, follow these tips:

  • Cover Electrodes – To prolong the life of the electrodes, replace the Electrode Covers after EVERY use.
  • Hydrate Electrodes – Applying a small amount of electrode gel every time will help effectively deliver the activation current to your muscles as well as maintain the tacky feel of the electrodes.
  • Clean Electrodes – The tacky surface of the electrodes may pick up small amounts of debris after use. To clean the electrode surface, place a small drop of water or electrode gel with the Controller OFF onto the surface of the electrode and gently rub with your fingers to remove the debris.

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